Make Money for online hindi 2021

Make Money for online hindi 2021

Today everyone wants to Mack money fThe Indian government has implemented new rules on social media.or online sitting at home. And in this case, he thinks day and night how he can Mack money for online and he sometimes keeps searching on Google and YouTube on Mack money for online, how to  money online, Mack money for online at home and so on. Share things, but they do not know the right way to work online. But never mind, today we will tell you how many ways to work online and how to reduce it. But first, keep in mind that online is not such a quick earring. Meaning that you have to work very hard for online earrings. There are some ways in which the ear starts filling quickly. And there are some ways that earing takes years. If you use your mind well then you will surely be able to complete it online. Let’s start

Ways to earn online

  1. Blogging

  2. Youtube

  3. Freelansing

  4. Affiliate Marketing



In blogging, about whom you have good information, seare it with the whole world. And people come and read it. And click on the ads you have installed, which causes earing. To mack money from blogging, you have to become a website. To create a website, you have to buy a domain and host. In which it is hard to invest a little bit. If you are hearing the name Blogging for the first time, then tell me that what you are reading is also a part of blogging. So that you can understand what a blog is. I feel that there is a misconception in your mind that what is the difference between a website and a blog? What is the difference between Website and Blog. Blog is called that in which some information is caste. And website is one in which there is a caste of servises, if you want to know how to make a blog how to mack blog. So maybe our next post should be how blogs are made.


youtube is also good pletfrom to make money where video is made and published. But to make it work, Youtube has its terms and conditions. According to the terms and conditions of YouTube, before wearing money and wearing ads, you have to subscribe for 1 thousand subscribe and 4 thousand hours of wath time only after that you can show ads on your youtube chnnel and money can work if you If you want, I will write a separate post on youtube.


There are many websites available on the internet for doing freelancing such as – fiver, freelancer in which you can earn by earning. On freelancer, logo diesing, graphics desing, song, web desing and many other works are done on freelanceing. Try to get a quote on how freelancer works – let’s say I want to get a people desing for my company. So I went to freelancer and ordered you to desine karne and you will tell the time that your people will be ready after 1 day and I come again the next day and will send your payment and what you have desine.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a very good way to earn money; Affiliate Marketing has to share a link to just a few things. And you earn from it. When someone buys an item from a link made by you, then you get a few% of that item. There will be many Affiliate Marketing programs on the Internet from which Affiliate Marketing can be started. The good thing is that your earing starts quickly in this. And it is also that you can share that link like on your blog or website or on social midia platform and can start earning if you want, on a separate Affiliate Marketing on Affiliate Marketing I will write a post in detail.

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