Grand Slam results for September 23, 2022, according to AEW Rampage

Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York served as the broadcast location for tonight’s edition of AEW RAMPAGE: Grand Slam!
You already know what Friday means:
The announcers for tonight’s show were Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross.

Allin and Sting, Darby


Buddy Matthews and Bobby King from The House of Black with Julia Hart!

The House of Black was surprised by Darby and Sting as they were making their shady entrance

When they entered the ring and started fighting, Brody cut Darby off the top rope, causing him to swerve to the ground. Sting was surrounded by Buddy and Brody. After driving them away, Sting sprays Buddy in the back. Sting dodged Brody’s shock when he swung at her. Lariat Brody kills Buddy instead of Sting!
For a near fall, Darby deployed Avalanche Code Raid on Brody. Buddy removes a Tope Suicide that Darby tried on him with his shoulder. Sting crashes through a table on the arena floor when Brody throws him off the top rope.

Sting is torn apart in the ring by the House of Black. When Julia entered the ring with him, Brody handcuffed Sting. As Sting was stopped inside the ring, the House of Black punished Darby Allin on the ramp outside.
Darby extended the entrance tunnel and dropped Buddy with a coffin drop from at least 10 feet below! Brody finds Darby in a sleeper, but Darby slips out, causing the two to fall off a table and off the stage! Buddy backs Sting inside the ring on a four. When the lights went out in the arena, Buddy was about to hit Sting with a baseball bat. The Great Muta came on the ramp as Light came back.

Buddy felt a green mist as soon as Muta approached the ring. Sting managed to escape his restraint. Buddy was pinned by Sting after using the Scorpion Deathdrop.
“What a chance! At AEW, this is a time we won’t soon forget, according to Tony Schiavone. Without delay, Samoa Joe and Wardlow chased Woods and Ness. On Wardlow, Woods hit a German suplex Done! With his stomach-to-belly suplex, Wardlow retaliated. Woods and Wardlow fell outside the ring. Samoa Joe got out of the way as Ness attempted a moonsault. Ness slit Joe’s throat When Ness came on Joe, Joe used the Muscle Buster as a counter and pinned him

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