Seulgi review Red Velvet star makes intoxicating solo debut Red Velvet's Selgi on Exploring Her Dark Side as a Solo Artist

As she steps into the spotlight for the first time without her bandmates, the skilled singer reveals exciting

For eight years, Selgi has stood out, among her Red Velvet,  bandmates .new elements of her artistry

The only glimpses of her individual artistry came through being one of five members contributing to e

The collaboration came through, his Entity project with Irene, and the tracks he recorded for the drama OSTs - until now.

Recorded for drama OSTs - so far On her debut single mini-album '28 Reasons', she makes headlines. What is Selgi really made of?

Answer These six songs give pure genius The teaser for this record moves through dark and tasty tracks

drawing from different aspects of R&B and dance-influenced pop as hinted at in the good versus bad narrative

 tone excellently, with Selgi embodying a character who can switch between mischievous and innocent in a second.